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This study was conducted to examine problems that challenged academic performance of physics students in higher governmental institutions in the case of Arbaminch, Wolayita Sodo, Hawassa and Dilla Universities. Questionnaires, interviews and video recordings were used to collect relevant data for the study. Data from questionnaires was compiled and analyzed using a computerized data analysis package known as Statistical Package for Social Science SPSS 17.0. The Pearson chi-square test was used to compute to test association between dependent variable and independent variables and T-test was used to find out how academic performance varied with interest to subject matter. On the other hand, ANOVA test was used to test variation of the academic performance in study sites. Besides, percentages were used for comparison of data analysis. The findings reveal the existence of a significant influence of teachers both in fostering positive or negative attitude to subject (physics) and for their poor academic performance in lower class as well as in higher institutions. On the basis of the findings, the least percentage of students (16%) indicated that their current department was the best choice for them during application for admission. Whereas the highest percentage (84%) of sample class students was enrolled in department of physics without their interest and the academic performance (ESELS result), the highest percentage (70) of students who were admitted to department of physics was below 50%. The p values 0.01 and 0.00, respectively for students who are enrolled in department of physics with best choice and without their interest, are less than alpha level of significance (0.05), which reveals that, there is statistical significance academic performance deference between students in both cases. However, the difference is more significant for those students who are enrolled without their interest. By analysis of Pearson chi-square test summary in respective study sites, the p

How to cite this paper: Mekonnen, S. (2014) Problems Challenging the Academic Performance of Physics Students in Higher Governmental Institutions in the Case of Arbaminch, Wolayita Sodo, Hawassa and Dilla Universities. Natural Science, 6, 362-375.

values 0.01, 0.007, 0.021 and 0.022 respectively are less than the alpha (α) level of significance of 0.05, which reveals that there is strong association between those variables. In the other corner of the ANOVA test analysis indicates that p value 0.01 is less than alpha level of significance 0.05. This reveals variation of academic performance of students between four higher governmental institutions where the study is made.


Academic Performance; Institutional Facilities; Background of Students; Teaching Methodology  

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