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The United Nations Global Programme against Corruption (UNGPAC) defines corruption as “abuse of power for private gain”, corruption is an act of economic, social, political and moral sabotage. it is a crime against humanity and divinity, it has permeated into every fabric of the Nigerian society, it is responsibility for the ardent failure and breakdown of critical infrastructure in all sector of the Nigerian economy, it is also responsible for the erosion of the nation value system. The paper examined corruption in the Nigerian society based on biblical perspectives. It further conceptualizes corruption in the eyes of the bible. Hence, methodology adopted in the study is mixed method, and the research design used is historical and explanatory design. And content analysis was also adopted to examine the various texts sourced from primary and secondary sources. Historical and cultural theory of corruption was also adopted as the theoretical framework. The findings of the study identifies corruption as the main source and cause of religious, social, economic, and political violence in the Nigerian society. It further fuels religious killings and killings in the north east of Nigeria, and deepens underdevelopment and poverty. Its therefore, recommends the restructuring of the Nigerian state in the light of its ineffective and efficient composition via corruption, As this will address unnecessary tensions and agitations coming from corrupt conducts which is at variance with God’s laws and commandment. The paper concludes that, government should be unbiased and proactive by providing good governance in all sectors of the Nigerian society, and that Bible clearly states that “the days of ignorance, God will ignore, let all men depart from wickedness. Judgment day is coming when all men will give account of their


Keywords: Corruption; Bible; God’s Laws; Corrupt Officials; Ineffective; Nigerian Society

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